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Feeling down: A Better Day

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Child Clint & Lucky(?)

OMG He’s totally adorable in Hawkeye #19

Good mornin’, America! And the rest of the word, kinda. 

Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots

Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots


Ten minutes later…

Bruce: Did that just happen?

Steve and Bruce had been tiptoeing around their attraction to each other ever since they moved across the hall from each other in Avengers Tower. Steve decides enough is enough and decides to take a chance.

Happy Pi Day! 2014/03/14 




Wei triplet introduced a chinese song ‘little dimples’ to Raleigh, and now Raleigh can’t stop looping it all the day.

The lyrics are about ‘little dimples, long eyelashes, they’re your beautiful mark; little dimples, long eyelashes, you’re so hopelessly fascinating’ 

(My translation is suck…)

If you are interested in this song,you could search ‘小酒窝’ on youtube. : )

Jaeger pilots Polaroids: Team Striker Eureka